Creative Personal Portraits

Create jaw-dropping photographic visuals that feature you.
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Creative Family Portraits

Timeless creative family portraits worthy for a permanent spot in the hallway.
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Commercial Photography

Professional Quality Creativity to help Your Business Captivate Your Audience
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Commercial Events

Trust your event to be completely covered for maximum publicity.
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Private Events

Turn priceless reactions into everlasting moments.
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People don’t come to me for photographs. They come to me to capture a feeling.

Meet Your Photographer

Keo Lin

Keo Lin

Photographer, Web Designer & Business Owner

I’m Keo Lin, a professional photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Through my photography brand – Canopeia Art Photography – I provide professional portrait, event and commercial photography services to businesses, individuals and families throughout Victoria. My clients say that the quality of my creative work and ability to understand and realize their creative visions give my business clients an accessible and unique marketing edge online and in print, and my personal photography clients a priceless memory that they can cherish for years to come.

What I Do?

Personal Portraits

Because you and your most precious relationships matter

Business Portraits

Helping you put your best professional impression forward online and in print.

Event Photography

Turning candid reactions into everlasting moments.

Commercial Photography

Captivate your audience with a photographic showcase like no other.

Four Great Reasons to Hire Me

Fully Personalized

We come in all shapes and sizes, so why should one size fit all? Enjoy a fully personalized photography process that puts you in the center of the whole process. I work with your strengths, and am always mindful of your needs in order to help you realize the full potential of a collaborative creative vision.

Professional Quality

When you hire a pro, you’re not just hiring a person with a more expensive camera. You’re hiring someone who knows how to make you (or whatever your subject is) look awesome. Using an artistic eye, an ability to put the subject at ease, and the technical skills to give you a riveting image that everyone will notice. You’re hiring someone who can take your vision of yourself, and mold it into something eye-catching, truthful and new.

Easy to Work With

Photography doesn’t have to be scary! In fact, your sessions are always made to be fun, cheerful and easy through a strong working relationship between us, meticulous planning, and an absolutely fabulous personality. Also, being an ex-primary school teacher, I’m great at working with kids from 5 to 50 and beyond! So while I may not bring my ukulele onto the set, I haven’t met a face that I couldn’t shoot.

Great Value

Did you know that more than ninety percent of my new clients have been referred by previous/existing clients? This is because I believe in working hard for my all clients, ensuring that you get the best service, an unforgettably great experience, and exceptional photographic outcomes for all projects big and little.